Manufacturing Readiness Level Tool


Docent: Manufacturing Readiness Assessment Tool

Docent is a federally-funded tool designed and built with support from AFRL, DMS&T, MxD and Ekta Flow. Docent is a software application designed to guide users through the questions required for a Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) based on a target Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL). Docent records the user's response to each question and creates reports that indicate when an MRL is met or not for each question thread. Additionally, Docent allows users to attach files on per-question basis (to provide evidence relevant to a specific response), assign team members to remediate requirements that could not be met, and extend above or below the target MRL to find the user's ceiling or floor level for a particular thread.

A new and secure DOCENT tool is expected in late 2023 or early 2024.

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